JPA ATELIER is the multi-faceted, hands-on creative studio of Julie Pointer Adams, offering creative consulting and services including art direction, interior styling, photography, creative writing, floral design, and more. 

Formally trained as an artist, maker, and writer, Julie began her career working at Kinfolk and has extensive experience making beautiful concepts come to life, whether through word, image, events, spaces, or florals. Influenced by her California upbringing and lifelong travels abroad, Julie's work is warm, simple, human-centered, down-to-earth, and approachable. 

I learned to value only that which truly activates what is in my heart. I came to value those experiences which activate my heart as it really is. I sought, more and more, only those experiences which have the capacity, the depth, to activate the feeling that is my real feeling, in my true childish heart. And I learned, slowly, to make things which are of that nature.         -Christopher Alexander